Press Conference organized for the cow’s “A2” milk brand “Go Desi”

Press Conference organized for the cow’s “A2” milk brand “Go Desi”

On 8th April 2019, a press conference for the branding of cow’s milk, “Go Desi” was organized by Bhuj Shehar Pashu Ucherak Maldhari Sangathan (Bhuj Cattle Rearers’ Association). The conference was held along with the Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan (KMVS). Along with print and electronic media, Maldharis, City fellows from HIC and ambassadors of “Go Desi” Ms Vaishaliben Solanki of Nupur Dance Academy were present. 

HIC fellow Ms. Nitaben Khubchandani explained that nowadays it is very important to brand products because purchasing the branded products is trending amongst the citizens. Also, people are not aware of indigenous cow’s milk supplied by Bhuj Cattle Rearers’ Association which is very nutritious and without any adulteration. Ms Vaishaliben Solanki informed about how beneficial it is for women to drink A2 milk because of high levels of proteins and calcium. 

In the conference, Mr Ahmed Tugaji, member of Bhuj Cattle Rearers’ Association said,” Selling milk is my family business since generations. If the citizens accept the “Go Desi” it will help Maldharis to decrease their dependency on Dairy Industry.” Present in the conference from the Association were Mr Kasam Jakab Sama, Mr Hanif Sumra Osmana and Mr Haji Noda.

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