Linking citizens with social security schemes

Linking citizens with social security schemes


Being born and brought up in a poor community, I have seen families struggling for fulfilling their family needs since my childhood. In fact, there are various social security schemes available but due to various reasons such as lack of awareness, poor understanding of schemes and absence of requisite documents to enrol under the scheme, displeasing response by government staff/officials, etc., the poor are deprived of access to schemes meant for them. This situation encouraged me to not only disseminate information but to support people to access benefits under various schemes meant for them through Mahiti Mitra (Information Centre). SETU Abhiyan is supporting me to operate this centre.


Empower people through disseminating information about various social welfare schemes and link them with the schemes.

Encouraging people to use information technology for accessing public services and providing information at door-step through mobile Mahiti Mitra.

Making people self-reliant in accessing benefits of social schemes at grass root level.



Volunteers from different areas in the city are being trained with essential information about various government-sponsored social security schemes, prescribed format to apply for these schemes and requisite documents. Till date, 34 such volunteers have been trained who are serving people in their respective neighbourhoods. It is expected that these services by the volunteers will be formalized through Ward Offices which have been proposed to be set up in each Ward.


With the objective to provide information to people at door-step, the staff of Mahiti Mitra visit different areas in the city and support them in applying to various schemes and services of the government. In case there is need to organize camps for applying for any particular document like PAN card or Aadhar card, Mahiti Mitra approaches the concerned government department and organizes these camps with the help of the concerned department.

Services provided by Mahiti Mitra Centre during 2016-17 & 2017-18

S.N.Type of services Number of Users
Total 1528
1S.T. Bus Pass for Physically Challenged Persons 6
2Opening of Bank Accounts 118
3Income Certificate 102
4Subsidized Electricity Connection to BPL Families 20
5Affidavit for various purposes 230
6Application for various purposes 25
7Marriage Certificate 25
8Voter Card/Correction in Voter List 179
9U-Win ( Shram Yogi ) Card for Unorganized Sector Workers 25
10Loan for different purposes such as housing, livelihood etc. 43
11Suwarn Jayanti Card to BPL families 561
12MAA Card (Health Insurance for BPL Families)85
13Chiranjivi Yojna (Health Insurance for Pregnant Women)4
14Other Information Services 105

Benefit accessed by people through Mahiti Mitra during 2016-17 & 2017-18

S.N.Type of Scheme No. of BeneficiariesBenefit in terms of Rs.
Total 9452335800
1Old-age Pension 131712500
2Widow Pension 33375000
3Pension to Blind Persons 1030000
4Manav Garima Yojan (A scheme launched by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to encourage scheduled cast people to set up small business.)48225000
5Ration Card 22519500
6Raja Harishchandra Marnotar Sahay Yojna (Assistance to poor family for doing funeral rites.) 2075000
7Rastriya Pariwar Sahayta Yojna (One time assistance of Rs. 20,000 to a BPL family when an earning member dies.) 26400000
8PAN Card 8713050
9Kunverbai Nu Mameru Yojna (Scheme launched by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of Gujarat. Under the scheme girls of scheduled cast are awarded financial assistance of Rs. 5000 to get married.) 19200000
10Shri Vajpayee Bankebal Yojna (Industries and Mines Dept-Commissioner of Cottage & Rural industry, Government. of Gujarat provides subsidy to unemployed female craftsmen for setting up new business covering trading sector activities) 46175000
11Aadhar Card 2788750
12Pension to Physically Challenged Persons22102000

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