In 2008, a group of citizens working with civil society organisations in the rural hinterland of Bhuj city, reflected on their own participation and contribution as citizens of Bhuj, gave birth to the ‘Homes in the City’ programme. Beginning with volunteering in their own colonies where they lived, and contributed their expertise for the betterment of the city, the initiative has now grown, to hundreds of citizens being given an opportunity to make Bhuj a humane, a happy living place for all.


Over close to a decade, the program strategy has been to organize citizens, demonstrate pilots based on the above principles and advocate for institutionalization and adoption by the state for the city. The program is steered by a committee represented by eminent citizens, NGO representatives, and slum dwellers. The program offers fellowships to demonstrate pilots and invites civil society organizations to take up advocacy. A biennial seminar called ‘The City Calls’ (Saher Pade Saad) presents on-going efforts and demonstrations under the program in the city.


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